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Creatd Partners, our corporate venture initiative, partners with and invests in early-stage, direct-to-consumer brands, digital platforms, and technologies that support entrepreneurs and the creator economy.

Creatd Partners invests resources and capital into startup ventures

Everything we do is driven by the belief that creativity should be rewarded, and that includes the creativity of brands and entrepreneurs doing great things.

Our Portfolio

Paramount to an investment in a Creatd Partners candidate is the belief that the connective tissue between creators, their audiences, and the brands that want access to them can leverage the technology and data provided by the Vocal platform. Investment opportunities fall within a number of verticals, and must meet crucial investment criteria.

Plant Camp

Plant Camp is a direct-to-consumer food company that creates healthy and nutritional upgrades to classic foods.

Launched December 2020
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Plant Camp
In Development

DTC women’s health beverage product.

Estimated launch in Q2 2021.
In Development

DTC gourmet meal delivery service.

Estimated launch in Q3 2021.
In Development

Marketplace SaaS platform for health and wellness.

Estimated launch in Q3 2021.
In Development

Marketplace SaaS platform for influencers.

Estimated launch in Q4 2021.

What we do

Creatd Partners invests in qualified brands who are aligned with our corporate mission. We leverage Creatd Inc.'s Vocal platform and technology, the marketing expertise of Vocal for Brands, and its performance division Seller's Choice, as well as the creativity and data from Vocal's communities. Together, with financing solutions to provide needed capital, this collection of resources creates a formula for success.
  • Market Research
  • Concept Validation
  • Product Development
    Data Science Solutions
    Go-To-Market Strategy
    Visual & UX Design
    Product Management
  • Recruiting
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
    Company Formation
    Legal & HR
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We believe in entrepreneurs 

We know our partners inside and out having experienced many of the issues they face on their road to success. We make it our responsibility to identify their strengths, eliminate their weaknesses, and navigate the digital landscape together. 

We've been there before

The Creatd team has always been lean, agile, and dedicated to solving problems and pivoting at a moment's notice. From our start in a warehouse to listing on the Nasdaq as CRTD, we did the work of a team double our size driven by our passion to succeed. We're the perfect partner for young brands because we've been there—and we know what it takes.
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We're in it together

The Creatd Partners portfolio of investments leverages the performance data across multiple touch points at the parent company Creatd, Inc. Typical investments consist of cash, equity, and marketing budgets. Management teams from both business are integrated into a working group that leverages all the knowledge and data we've gained, and the technology we've created.

Interested in becoming a Creatd Partner?

We're looking for partners who are aligned with our mission of making the world a better place.

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