Our Mission

Give creators the opportunity to make a positive global impact through storytelling.

Our products reach millions of people globally

We're passionate about developing tools for creators because we're creators, too. The technologies we build together—through teamwork, strong work ethic, and creativity—are built to give creators a voice and enact positive change.

"At Creatd we are building a culture where we manage and empower people, not dictate and direct people. I’ve long felt that the management aspects of a leadership team have fallen by the wayside, it’s important to teach people how to exceed, not expect them to fail."

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Laurie Weisberg

"Every one of us knows that we’re working towards something bigger together. Those of us on my data science team, even though we’re in a world that isn’t traditionally considered creative, are helping to build and shape the future of a creative community."

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Robby Tal
Head of Business Intelligence
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What we stand for

Everything we do, we do with these principles in mind. They're not just beliefs—they're values that guide our products, developments, and partnerships.

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We believe creativity should be rewarded.
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We believe technology should be safe, secure, and humane.
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We believe in the power of long-term partnerships.

Our Leadership

Our team's knowledge and experience create value for all our stakeholders—creators, brands, communities, and shareholders.
Jeremy Frommer
Laurie Weisberg
Justin Maury
Chelsea Pullano
Jeremy Frommer
Co-CEO & Director
Mark Standish
Chairman of the Board
Laurie Weisberg
Co-CEO & Director
LaBrena Jones Martin
Leonard Schiller

Our History

Founded in 2014, Creatd has grown into an industry-leading ecosystem for creators. Our technology provides solutions to millions of people worldwide.
Jerrick starts
Jerrick, Creatd's predecessor company, is born, recruiting talent from design, tech, and finance industries.
Thinkmill starts Vocal development
Development of Vocal begins with Thinkmill.
Jerrick lists on OTCQB
Jerrick becomes a publicly listed company (OTCQB: JMDA).
Vocal releases
Creatd releases its first technology platform for creators, Vocal.
Vocal for Brands launches
Creatd launches Vocal for Brands, its internal agency.
Vocal+ releases
Creatd launches Vocal+, its first premium subscription model for creators.
Jerrick acquires Seller's Choice
Creatd acquires Seller's Choice, a performance marketing agency.
Creatd lists on Nasdaq
Uplist to the Nasdaq and rebrand to Creatd (CRTD).

Latest News

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